Spanish face-to-face in Barcelona

4-ALTA-RESOLUCIÓN face-to-face Spanish lessons
In Martaspanishclass our classes are entirely student-centred. In face-to-face Spanish lessons regardless of your level, we will work with you all the way to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, after assessing your level, we will, together with you, determine your priorities and customise our teaching according to your needs and wishes.

Our lessons are flexible and delivered at a time and place to suit you. We will happily meet you anywhere in the center of Barcelona; your office or any coffee bar near your home or workplace. Should you feel like taking a 1 hr class today and a 1.5 hr class next week , then select a block of lessons and decide on duration as you go.

We also offer online Spanish classes combined with our face-to-face classes for those who:

· Travel often

· They have to adapt them to the unexpected of their work

· Or just some days they prefer to give the class from home

About Marta, your teacher

I have a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Barcelona, ​​a PhD in Complutense in Madrid and a specialist in Spanish for Foreigners from Universidad Menéndez Pelayo de Santander. I am endorsed over 20 years of experience as a teacher, so my offer is based on high quality classes, aimed at improving the student.
We can do the class online or face-to-face lessons,or if you want,  I can teach you the wonders of Barcelona while we practice Spanish. Do not let this chance go away!


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pixel face-to-face Spanish lessons
pixel face-to-face Spanish lessons

Classes in Barcelona

2-ALTA-RESOLUCIÓN face-to-face Spanish lessons

Face to face lessons in Barcelona City

If you live in Barcelona and you prefer face-to-face classes we offer a service at home and at companies in the city of Barcelona. Our face-to-face classes are tailor-made, so that they adapt perfectly to the different needs, objectives and learning pace of each student.

At Martaspanishclass we are specialists in online training, since this allows us to access and cover the training needs of students regardless of their location and time requirements. However, for those students or companies residing in Barcelona we also offer you all our experience and teaching experience.