In 2009, I moved to Barcelona to take up the post of Director of the Goethe-Institute (German Cultural Institute); therefore, I had to update and improve my basic knowledge of Spanish rather quickly.

I found my teacher Marta on the internet – and I kept with her until the end of my activities in Barcelona in 2015. Marta trained me in a very efficient way in the skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening as well as improving my command of grammar; thus, within a relatively short time, I was able to communicate in my professional and social environment. She gave me a lot of information about Spain, Spanish customs, Spanish culture and politics and we had many inspiring and exciting discussions, since she is not only an excellent language teacher, she is also well informed about and interested in political, economic and cultural topics. And when I asked her help for problems in daily issues, she was always a reliable and discreet advisor. It is not easy to find a teacher like Marta, and I was extremely fortunate.


Director, Goethe Institut Barcelona. From Germany.

I have been lucky to take classes with Marta. Thanks to them I was much more confident to speak Spanish at work and in the daily life. She is incredible, lovable, patient and has the ability to customize the class according to your needs, preferences and availability. The time flies by during the classes as they are all funny and dynamic. I strongly recommend Marta’s classes for anyone who wants to learn Spanish. I am going to miss these classes and Marta!


Investigadora R&D, LEITAT Centro Tecnológico, From Italy

Amazing course for all levels with a very good interaction and possibility to tailor the courses according to your expectations and preferences. I would strongly recommend working with Marta and have tremendously improved my Spanish level thanks to her!


Sales Manager, in Kerry, From France

I’ve been having Conversation Spanish lessons with Marta for a few months and as a result, I improve my ability to not only speak, but also listen to, read and write in Spanish. Marta is a very patient teacher and the lessons are productive, varied and  very fun. She can talk about every theme that you can imagine or that you are interested!!  Marta ensures cover topics that are really relevant in work and personal situations. I would highly recommend Marta to anyone wanting to learn Spanish!


Dance teacher. From Finland

Wer schon einmal zur Leitung einer Firma ins Ausland geschickt wurde, der weiß, wovon ich spreche: es kommen so viele neue Aufgaben in einem fremden Umfeld auf einen zu, dass man zum Lernen der Sprache keine Zeit hat. Termine im geschäftlichen aber auch im privaten Bereich füllen besonders in der Anfangsphase locker einen 12-Stunden-Tag aus. So erging es auch mir, als ich von der Firma SIEMENS zur Übernahme einer Tochtergesellschaft nach Spanien geschickt wurde. Aber Marta sei Dank. Durch ihre flexible Gestaltung des Unterrichtes gelang es ihr, die manchmal komplexe spanische Geschäftssprache verhandlungssicher zu vermitteln. Dabei waren ihr Engagement und ihre Motivationsfähigkeit ausschlaggebend dafür, dass ich nach nur 5 Monaten Verhandlungen führen konnte. Ganz besonders hervorzuheben ist ihre Beharrlichkeit, immer wieder einen  “Timeslot“ zu finden, um einen auch in terminlich sehr grenzwertigen Tagen immer wieder zu motivieren. Ich danke ihr noch heute dafür.


General Manager in Siemens. From Germany.

Graças as aulas com Marta,  creio que melhorei notavelmente meu espanhol, principalmente a gramática. Nas questões que eu tinha mais dificuldade, sempre pude contar com várias explicações e exemplos para entender como pronunciar, construir ou expressar uma frase.Gostei muito de seu método de ensino e a forma de transmitir um tema de diferentes maneiras e técnicas.

Também tive muitas aulas de conversação que foram muito agradáveis e sobre temas que me interessavam muito, já que eu necessitava do espanhol específico, para poder conversar no ambiente de negócios onde atuo. Só tenho palavras de agradecimento a minha professora de espanhol!


Director in Ctecnologia. From Brasil.

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