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Online Exclusive Courses
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Our Courses

Conversational Classes

This course focuses on conversational Spanish and provides examples for each topic. This will not only help you understand the rules of grammar but will give you a feel for how the grammar is applied.
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Spanish lessons for students with dyslexia

In Martaspanishclass we have a different approach to teach Spanish for students with dyslexia. Dyslexic students can learn Spanish language quite successfully. The material  in our lessons is much more visually and specialty adapted to dyslexia. Some people are more receptive to audio channels of learning, others to visual, so using a combination of the two can be really effective.

Classes For Beginners

Learn basic Spanish and discover the Spanish-speaking world. Whether you want to learn Spanish to go on holiday, use it for work or study, or simply give your brain a boost. Enjoy this marvellous language!
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Face to face lessons in Barcelona City

Our face-to-face classes are tailor-made, so that they adapt perfectly to the different needs, objectives and learning pace of each student. We understand that there are people who need to learn Spanish for a specific purpose and for this reason we offer our on-site teaching service individually for those who wish to receive a customized learning program. 

Book Your First Class

Do you really want to start speaking Spanish with confidence? So, let me help you with that! Let’s take the online road.
“I had such a great experience with my on-line classes. Skype lessons enabled the teacher to concentrate on tailoring the classes to my specific needs, correcting my errors immediately, and helping me identify the things I needed to work on. We had a chance to chat together in Spanish about our different cultures, family life, ideas, and politics and she used these conversations as an opportunity to teach me more about the language and culture. The technology was easy to use and I felt very connected to my teacher even though we were separated by thousands of kilometres.”

General Manager., From Australia.

First of all : Exclusive lessons only for you.
Also: Live conversation.
In addition: Share documents and learning materials online with your tutor.
Finally: One to one interaction builds confidence and vocabulary.



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Professional translations

We provide written translations from Spanish, Portuguese and German into English and interpreting (translation of the spoken word) from Spanish into English and English into Spanish.


Barcelona Walk Class

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Special Spanish Classes Walking Around The City Of Barcelona

  • Tapas Tour in the Gothic Quarter included.
  • Shopping to practice real situations in Spanish.
  • Visits to Santa Caterina Market, Gothic area and Born.
  • Enjoy the city with a native teacher and start to speak spanish in live conversation.