Special Services

Spanish with special attention to dyslexia

Special Spanish lessons focused to students with dyslexia

We offer to students with different degrees of dyslexia, learning a foreign language with us with our dyslexia friendly program for learn Spanish. A tutor works one-on-one with an individual, adapted and visual materials, explaining language rules. Interaction is key, as is involving diverse channels to help encode new material and enhance recall.


Classes in Barcelona

2-ALTA-RESOLUCIÓN Special services

Face to face lessons in Barcelona City

If you live in Barcelona and you prefer face-to-face classes we offer a service at home and at companies in the city of Barcelona. Our face-to-face classes are tailor-made, so that they adapt perfectly to the different needs, objectives and learning pace of each student.

At Martaspanishclass we are specialists in online training, since this allows us to access and cover the training needs of students regardless of their location and time requirements. However, for those students or companies residing in Barcelona we also offer you all our experience and teaching experience.


Professional translations

Our professional translator and interpreter perform translations and interpretations from and to Spanish, covering different areas of expertise. We provide written translations from Spanish, Portuguese and German into English and interpreting (translation of the spoken word) from Spanish into English and English into Spanish.


Barcelona Walk Class

spanish-classes-walking-bcn Special services

Special Spanish Classes Walking Around The City Of Barcelona

  • Tapas Tour in the Gothic Quarter included.
  • Shopping to practice real situations in Spanish.
  • Visits to Santa Caterina Market, Gothic area and Born.
  • Enjoy the city with a native teacher and start to speak spanish in live conversation.

Live Barcelona Spanish Lessons direct from the heart of the city with a native teacher and guide!