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In Martaspanishclass Barcelona we offer written translations of Spanish, Portuguese and German in English. We also have a highly specialized interpreter service from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. We can offer the highest quality translation solutions in Spanish according to your needs.

The image of a company or entity is reflected in all the documents it produces: advertising, brochures, manuals, administrative documents, letters, contracts, etc. and all this documentation must be written correctly and without errors. A good translation consists precisely in expressing clearly and concisely, in a different language, what is said in one’s own language. For all this, we must entrust this work to true professionals, with appropriate studies and a long experience.

The interpreter can never translate word by word, has to translate the idea, the meaning, applying a technique that can only be acquired in appropriate universities and with a long experience. Therefore, interpreting or simultaneous translation requires the interpreter very specific qualities, together with a great preparation, since it must perform three functions at a time: listen to the lecturer, understand and analyze their words and move them to another language in a way understandable for listeners.

Our translator provides you with seriousness and professional experience in each of your works, whether written or in person as an interpreter.

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