Spanish with special attention to dyslexia

dictionary-2317654_1280 Spanish learning and dyslexia

Special Spanish lessons focused to students with dyslexia

In Martaspanishclass students learn at a pace that is right for them and can repeat modules as many times as is needed to master the content. Being in control of their own learning and receiving plenty of positive feedback along the way helps them become more confident and self-efficacious about taking on a larger task and breaking it down into manageable steps.

All modern foreign languages are created equal. Some, like French, Danish and even English, can be hard for students with dyslexia, while others like Spanish, German and Italian may be easier. What makes them more difficult is the “opaqueness” of the language, or how easy it is to break words up into their component sounds and how well those sounds match up to letters and letter combinations. Don’t be discouraged and keep in mind that everyone struggles with their second language. One of the reasons why languages are so hard is you’re not just learning a language, you’re learning how to learn a language as well!

Our recommendations for dyslexic students

  • Start with speaking and listening.
  • Practice pronunciation.
  • Surround yourself with language.
  • Learn with our material dyslexia friendly prepared specifically for you




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