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In Martaspanishclass our main objective is that our students gain confidence quickly, hence the didactic proposals of our teaching staff are focused on our students to exercise the lexicon, expressions and appropriate grammatical structures so that they can achieve the security they need, learning in a way practical and constant. Our conversational Spanish course will give you the knowledge to know how to use it in the right way without needing to stop and think as you speak and it will also to help you to understand the rules of grammar. That is: it will bring you fluency and naturalness in your speech of Spanish.

Our conversation classes are aimed at all those who need to practice, improve or develop their oral expression skills in Spanish in an active and enjoyable way, without forgetting other important skills such as written expression and reading, with tasks that the student will do autonomously as part of his homework.

As each student moves different reasons or needs to study Spanish, we adjust to their learning pace and take into account their particular interests in order to maintain their motivation and enthusiasm for learning. We personalize 100% the learning process of our students.


1- To be able to practice new expressions and grammatical structures in real situations of communication assuming different roles.
2- Special attention of  your teacher in the correction and improvement of your pronunciation.
3- A comfortable and pleasant environment that will help you to lose the fear to express yourself in Spanish and to trust in your abilities.

Whether you are a beginner or you already know a little Spanish, we will teach you what you need to know and reinforce the weak points in your language proficiency. You will practice constantly, which will help you learn by repetition and custom. If you want, you will also have homework to help you to practice what you have learned. And each lesson will be adapted to you.


The main objective of the conversation course is that our students can develop properly and with confidence in the different situations that can hapen in their daily life such as: successfully overcome a job interview, feel comfortable in an educational environment or favor social relations in your enviroment.

About Marta, your teacher

I have a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Barcelona, ​​a PhD in Complutense in Madrid and a specialist in Spanish for Foreigners from Universidad Menéndez Pelayo de Santander. I am endorsed over 20 years of experience as a teacher, so my offer is based on high quality classes, aimed at improving the student.
We can do the class online, or I can teach you the wonders of Barcelona while we practice Spanish. Do not let this chance go away!

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